Our renovation design process

Our design process consists of three phases, being FUNCTION, FORM and FEEL. Each phase is delivered separately, so our clients progress with confidence and total understanding at each phase of their project.

1. Function

We engage with clients to gather insights into how they will use the space in order to develop an efficient spatial layout that facilitates the intended activities.

The design concept takes into consideration circulation flow, the relationship between spaces and how it affects the site. This optimises usability to reduce waste space and plays a large part in obtaining the best use of space to achieve the desired result.

We demonstrate our interpretation of the initial design solution by defining floor plan overlays between existing and proposed spaces so our clients can easily understand, query and engage in productive conversations regarding design.

2. Form

Our form consideration evolves from the site response considering prevailing weather, sun and any relevant views. We integrate function and performance with trends and clients expectations to achieve the best value return within a project’s budget per sqm.

Our form is expressed by preparing still images or video that morphs from the original state, into our new form.

This is where external aesthetics is justified and modified using comprehensive understanding of how and why.

3. Feel

The ambiance of space holds paramount importance, shaping the overall experience within a built environment. The feel of space encompasses its volume, proportions, lighting, materials, and spatial organisation, all carefully orchestrated to evoke specific emotions and foster desired interactions.

immersed virtual reality experience

We investigate this with our clients in an immersed virtual reality experience within our office’s VR space which is large enough to allow a physical walk through the spaces involved. This is by far, the most enjoyable and exciting phase of the design process as commented by many of our clients.

peace of mind

Architectural design understand that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our team works closely with clients to understand their vision, needs, and goals for their project.
We strive to deliver exceptional designs that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.