Building and renovation process

3 STEP PROCESS to design


The formation of the scope of work is an obligation free service to all of our potential clients.

The SCOPE of works allows the team to understand the objectives, conditions and environment that will influence the aesthetics and function of the design solution.

The client brief and other aspects important to the build are also discussed, and include builders, types of contracts and of course, the budget.

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dave and catherine design process

1. Free scope service

The formation of the scope of work is an obligation free service to all of our potential clients.

2. FREE online quotation emailed

A clear description of the project is outlined in our online quotation which is emailed for acceptance online.


Fee Structure

During the scope process we discuss the best way forward that benefits the project and form a fee structure from our usual workflow of services under Deliver!

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Initial concept floor plans are presented in a way to easily understand site context and relationships with the existing plans when undertaking a renovation.

Architectural Design Floorplans Process

3.1 floor plans

We encourage input and feedback from clients and the design team during this process.

3.2 showcase the design

We showcase the design aesthetic with an exterior video presentation that clearly demonstrates the form and site integration presented in a unique way that demonstrates how the existing transforms or morphs into the new form.

This is the perfect time to challenge, update and compare various design considerations with updated graphics.

3.3 immersive VR viewing

Our design concept process ends with our in office virtual reality viewing in our 8x8m purpose made VR viewing area.

This will allow you to experience the space, scale and feel on the interior environment. Once again, we remain open to challenges and changes.

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costing feasibility

Inhouse Costing Feasibility

If required, we can prepare an inhouse costing feasibility used to form a well informed budget, and potentially review the design based on informed decisions.

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Building consent

Building Consent Documents

Architectural DESIGN LTD include a well detailed list of architectural and engineering drawings, along with third party consultants, including geotech, specific engineered foundation requirements, sewer and storm water designs.

We apply for, monitor and respond to all council requests on behalf of our clients building consent application.

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questions and Answers

A. How Do You Describe An Architectural Design?

Q. Architectural design is the designing and planning of structures where functionality and aesthetics are the two key elements of the process. The design must be suitable for the experience of the user as well as meet the needs of the client and or project requirements.

A. Why Is Concept Design Important?

Q. A design concept is the big picture idea for the project. It shows the overall design intent and provides direction for everyone on the project team from the early schematic design phase all the way through construction. Having a unified and cohesive design concept makes all future decisions easier.

A. How does architectural DESIGN Ltd charge?

Q. We always quote work for client acceptance before we start. The philosophy at architectural DESIGN LTD is “No fright!, no fight!”

A. Does architectural DESIGN Ltd get involved with contract or project management?

Q. The short answer is yes we can. David likes to take on select interesting projects for project management that both provides economical builds for the client while keeping David’s cost to build knowledge relevant.

A. Is it a good idea to ensure our designer has PI insurance?

Q. Architectural DESIGN LTD has 2 million dollars of PI insurance. This protects our clients from any major costs involved to rectify any accidental design mistakes made by the company. To date, architectural DESIGN LTD has not made any claims.