Senior Lead Designer

The highly trained team has been led by David NZCD (arch), the company’s senior lead designer and documentation manager, since 1999. David’s portfolio includes homes, public buildings, schools and churches. Employed in the field of architectural design since 1985, David has made his mark with well-designed buildings and renovations in and around the Bay of Plenty, Waikato & the King Country.

David is a specialist in roof geometry and structural aspects of building. He has previously lectured on architecture at Wintec and enjoys investigating how software related to architecture can help benefit his clients. He is constantly researching architectural trends and adapting them to meet the wishes of a client or the demands of a particular site. He enjoys feedback from virtual reality presentations offered to his clients.

David has met the D2 standard as a Licensed Building Practitioner as well as the higher professional member standards of ADNZ.

Since 1966, Architectural Designers New Zealand has been working with architectural professionals in New Zealand. Becoming a member of ADNZ demonstrates a commitment to ethical practice, to working at a higher standard, to continued professional development and to belonging to a community that advocates and stands for better architectural design.