Check out our unique design process that enables a clear understanding of design intent during each phase,  and if you like what you see, lets gather information to give you a custom fixed fee based on your objective/s as follows.

A discussion starts the process




The SCOPE of works allows the team to understand the objectives, conditions and environment that will influence the aesthetics and function of the design solution.

The client brief and other aspects important to the build are also discussed, and include builders, types of contracts and of course, the budget.

The formation of the scope of work is an obligation free service to all of our potential clients.

A simple phone call or email discussion starts the process which could be a combination of:

a) Simple data sharing.
b) A meeting in our office.
c) An on site meeting.

David is always excited to scope out a new project, regardless of its size.

During the scope process we discuss the best way forward that benefits the project and form a fee structure from our usual workflow of services.

A clear description of the scope works is outlined in our online quotation which is emailed for acceptance online.






Upon acceptance of the quote, we DELIVER the scope of work.


Initial concept floor plans presented in a way to easily understand site context and relationship with the existing floor plan when undertaking a renovation.

We encourage input and feedback from clients and the design team during this process.


After the floor plan layout/s are approved, we showcase the design aesthetic with an exterior video presentation that clearly demonstrates the form and site integration presented in a unique way that demonstrates how the existing transforms or morphs into the new form.

This is the perfect time to challenge, update and compare various design considerations with updated graphics.


Our design concept process ends with our in office virtual reality viewing in our VR viewing area.

This will allow you to experience the space, scale and feel on the interior environment.

Once again, we remain open to challenges and changes.


On completion of the design concept process we prepare an extended scope of works for the following.

We can prepare a costing feasibility as the basis of an accurate budget, and potentially review the design based on informed decisions.






Upon acceptance of the quote,

architectural DESIGN Ltd will prepare a well detailed list of architectural and engineering drawings, along with third party consultants including Geotech, specific engineered foundation requirements, sewer and storm water designs.

These documents are used by the builder to both quote and build from.

We also apply for, monitor and respond to all council requests on behalf of our clients building consent application.

FRequently Asked Questions

David formed architectural DESIGN Ltd in 1999 after working in a design office for 14 years.

Yes we do. From site observations during construction, contractual management, procurement to full project management. Due to the complexity of the building industry, an in depth discussion would be beneficial.

While not required by law, it is essential that your designer has PI Insurance. This protects our clients from major costs involved to rectify any accidental design mistakes made by the company.
To date, architectural Design Ltd has not made any claims.

We do free concept designs (when time allows) for community based organisations to aid in grant applications. Contact us if you are interested

“Our mission is to educate and inform our clients while delivering exceptional architectural solutions. With over 40 years of extensive experience in design, quantity surveying, project management, and implementation of the latest technologies in architecture, David brings unparalleled expertise to every project. We strive to exceed client expectations by combining innovative design with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each project is a successful collaboration between our team and our valued clients.”


Complete the form below with description of what you are trying to achieve (Draft Brief). And add images of the affected areas.


    The draft budget helps align cost expectations early in the process.
    Imagery gives context on the existing environment. Internal images (existing internal spaces to be renovated). External images for additions or new structures.

    peace of mind

    Architectural design understand that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our team works closely with clients to understand their vision, needs, and goals for their project.
    We strive to deliver exceptional designs that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.